Society of Pension Consultants
National Association of Pension Funds
Independent Financial Advisers Promotion
Quality Standard ISO9000
British Insurance Brokers Association
Independent Financial Advisers Association
Pre-Retirement Association
Regulated by The Financial Services Authority.

New for 2016

Our consultants, advisers and administrative staff continually receive training in an effort to maintain and improve our standards of proficiency and advice to our clients, ensuring at all times that both the company and its employees meet the full requirements of both our clients and the Financial Services Act.

Many clients require a large range of financial products to meet their needs and it is neither economical nor prudent to obtain details from just one investment or insurance institution. Aegis DID choose the plan to suit your particular circumstances.
Mortgages and Loans

Oringinal Mortgages and Loans Schemes, no longer being offered

Specially negotiated packages have been designed with discounted rates for clients for:

  • Domestic Mortgages
  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Unsecured Personal Loans

Interest rates can be on a fixed basis or variable and with the numerous specially negotiated schemes Aegis can design a mortgage/loan programme to suite the client's particular circumstances.


Mortgages and loans are not currently regulated by the Financial Services Authority

Mortgages and Loans